One presenter

Simple staging

Short presentation (eg: 10 minutes)

No presentation slides

Speaker choice is key

The pre-chosen speakers have 2-3 minutes to introduce their topic to the full audience

Then split to tables / split up sections of the room and audience chooses which topic they will listen to

Important room set up

“Abstract” presentations but no preceeding selection process

Presented in a standing/informal “arena”

Audience decides if the presenter should continue or be stopped (by clapping)

Could have no-one brave enough to participate

Quality of the subjects is not vetted beforehand

Ideas/problems/challenges are submitted by participants ahead of the meeting.

Committee selects 2 or 3 most suitable for group work aimed at finding a solution or defining a project

Need time (a full day at least)

Expertise to guide and channel the groups is needed and an expert in Hackathon facilitation would have to be selected and employed

Entire session set up around a subject where there is a clear pro and con argument to be had.

2 speakers and 1 moderator.

Audience asked to vote on their opinion of for or against at the end of the session.

Moderator is key.

Need to have a subject that lends itself to this kind of debate.

The congress APP really the best way to get a vote at the end of the session.

All different forms of split audience sessions.

Facilitates more engagement / active learning / direct contact with Subject Matter Experts.

Many small sessions can be complex for participants to register for.

Similar to a traditional “plenary style” session with the audience set up encircling the speaker.

Change in session room format – changes the ambiance and makes the experience less one-to-many.

Room set up is important and needs time to put in place.

Speaker would certainly need pre-briefing and coaching.

3 speakers are invited to come along and “pitch” their session to a full plenary – 2-3 minutes only.

Audience then votes on the topic they wouls most like to hear.

Most popular speaker makes their presentation – others do not.

Have to find 3 speakers willing to participate this way.

The congress APP would be the best tool for the voting.