Call for Scientific Sessions

The Eurosoil 2020 Organizing Committee invites proposals for Scientific Sessions. In line with our theme “Connecting People and Soil”, we expect sessions and workshops addressing the soil-related topics of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Eurosoil 2020 program will be structured around selected SDGs.

As the conference of the European Confederation of Soil Science Societies, Eurosoil is the soil voice of Europe. Eurosoil 2020 aims at tackling the environmental, sociological, economical or public policy goals related to / impacting soil use and services. Therefore, apart from soil scientists, stakeholders or companion scientific fields such as medicine, economy or sociology, are strongly encouraged to submit sessions or workshops.

Sessions and workshops reporting transdisciplinary research, enhancing scientific relevance by integrating across disciplines or engaging diverse stakeholders in research, education, restoration, policy, management and protection of soil are encouraged. Special sessions or workshops could address if and how research meets or responds to public interests or needs, actions taken to increase research “impact” or relevance, and how actions affect research.

The call for sessions is now closed.

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Eurosoil is looking for innovative sessions

To foster exchanges between soil scientists and stakeholders, we encourage both classical and non-conventional session or workshop forms.

Workshops, events and other types of presentation can be proposed, providing an added-value with respect to the conference theme.

Terms and conditions

The Eurosoil organizing committee is steering the general process and each Program Theme is lead by, at least, one of its members.

A Scientific Theme Committee is responsible for each Program Theme and will manage the call for session under the supervision and coordination of the Eurosoil organizing committee. The Scientific Theme Committee will review the contributions, with possible feedback to the contributor, and can eventually propose splitting or merging contributions.

The Eurosoil organizing committee will make a synthesis to define the final conference structure and launch the call for abstracts/contributions.

What is involved in submitting a session suggestion?

To submit a session please fill in the online session submission form. Please ensure you fill in all mandatory information and agree to the terms and conditions.

If my session is selected, will I be responsible for that session?

Yes, if your session is selected for inclusion in the program you will be responsible for the development of the session. This will be done over the supervision of the Scientific Theme Committee and includes, but is not limited to:

• Setting on a selection committee for this session.

• Select (co)convenors.

• Encouraging and promoting the submission of abstracts for your session and invite speakers.

• Reviewing submitted abstracts.

• Developing the overall session with the successful abstracts and/or invited speakers.

May I submit more than one session?

Yes, you may submit more than one session, however you must be willing to be involved in the development in all sessions suggested that are accepted as part of the program.

Duties of workshop organizers

Take responsibility for the development of the session including but not limited to

• Encouraging and promoting the submission of abstracts for your session.

• Reviewing submitted abstracts.

• Developing the overall session with the accepted abstracts and/or invited speakers.

Register and pay to attend Eurosoil2020 as a full-time delegate.

Write a summary of the workshop on 1-2 pages to be included in the Conference program.

Submission Instructions

Please submit your workshop proposal before 1 March 2019.